Team Kinson


Steven Nosnik: Vice President & Director of Sales/Owner

If you were to visit a family gathering of the Nosnik clan, you would notice that wine plays an important role, both as a beverage and a topic of conversation. Growing up, Stevens' father cultivated his love of wine, and created a sense of curiosity about the tactile sensations and emotions that each glass of wine presented, and how varied these sensations can be. But drinking wine and selling wine are two very different things, and the challenge at Kinson for Steven, has been how to take the joy of drinking and marry it to the art of commerce. To achieve this, he says, "We are transparent. I show my customers my cost and their cost. No secrets. The smaller margins allow us to give the end users an awesome bottle of wine that is worth every penny, and allows our retailers to make a little more money, which makes everyone happier".


Colin Rudy: Sales Manager

The newest member of the Kinson family Colin is the guy who always takes the road less traveled. Which is why he fits in so well at Kinson. He sees the "bold but basic willingness to do things differently from everyone else in the business" as an asset, and the impetus necessary to uproot and move from Texas to New York to continue his wine journey. Since the age of 20, he has been exploring the relationship between food & wine, which led him to begin working in the world of fine dining, which segued into wine sales specifically. Lucky for Kinson, his love affair with the grape, his knowledge and enthusiasm, and his ability to pull off the whole "ruggedly handsome lumberjack" look are a combo platter that is sure to translate into sales.



Kinson’s administrative, compliance and website technology manager comes to us with a variety of experience and handles a multitude of responsibilities including providing technical support to our management and sales team, State and Federal compliance, managing the website and technical support and managing our company’s administrative needs. Amanda comes to us with 7+ years office experience and plans on making Kinson’s future and her own bright for years to come.



Kinson’s heart and soul (office manager) comes to us with 30+ years of management/accounting experience. With a degree in accounting and money management she ensures the smooth running of the office and day-to-day operations including accounting, billing, currency management, supplier interface and customer service. She our primary point of access in the office for Kinson operations.


Gary Minor, Jr.: Logistics Manager/New Jersey Sales Rep

Excels at coordinating tasks of numerous internal divisions and external agencies to ensure rapid, accurate delivery of equipment, materials, and resources. Has advanced expertise in reviewing invoices and shipping manifests to ensure full compliance with local customs and internal regulations. Track record of identifying redundancies and maximizing resources to streamline operations. Proficient in a variety of logistics and supply management.

Along with all the above Gary Minor is also in the process of training as a Sales Representative in New Jersey.